Mission • Values • History

Mission & Vision

Transcend’s mission is to pursue equity and social justice for transgender and gender expansive communities through education, advocacy, mental health and social support services.

Our vision is a world where people of all gender identities live their authentic truth, free from discrimination and oppression.

We hold ourselves accountable to the following values:


We are made better by equal representation of a broad range of experiences, skills and identities.


We value unique identities vs. asking identities to “fit in” to a mold.


We seek to recognize and address historic and marginalizing oppression in systems and structures.

Person Centered Support

We adapt our approach to the uniqueness of individual clients.


We value learning from and calling one another in to ensure a safe space.

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History & Founders

Transcend Charlotte was created from the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to feel acceptance and love regardless of their identity, experiences or beliefs.

Beginning with social support groups in our early days as a community-led, grassroots non-profit, Transcend has since expanded its programs and impact while maintaining the heart of our original mission.

“Growing up in rural NC as a transgender man, I spent many years hiding who I was, struggling with depression, suicidal ideation, and the trauma of feeling misunderstood and within a religion that taught me even God could not accept me. It was the few people along the way who allowed me to be entirely authentic who saved my life, allowed me to find happiness, and gave me a passion for social justice and mental health advocacy. When we started a support group for trans adults, we only hoped that we could prevent even one person from losing their life to suicide or experiencing the isolation, invisibility, and discrimination that overcomes so many. We never imagined how many people would show up for those groups and the outpouring of support from the community that allowed us to meet that need. My hope is that Transcend Charlotte will continue to grow as a client-led organization, adapting to the needs of those it serves, and that its continually evolving programs will bring our community closer to a time when diversity is not only accepted but celebrated, where those who are different are seen with less fear and more as empowered equals with a special ability to teach us about experiences we may not yet understand.”

“Transcend was founded because of the struggle Trey and I had with finding programming and resources within our own communities. In 2015, I was just coming out as trans and realized I had no one to speak to about what was going on with myself and my body. I remember walking into a local bakery and asking for one of the bakers to come out because he was the only trans man I knew in Charlotte. Luckily, this man was wonderful and took the time to explain everything to me, but I never wanted another trans person to have to wander around Charlotte hoping to stumble upon resources for themselves. When I met Trey, we collectively decided to create a community where resources and a support system would be available to every transgender person that walked through the door.

Today I am so glad to see our dream has become a reality.”