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Zaiden Swain


Xpression Space Coordinator

Zaiden (pronouns They/Them) is a transmasculine agender person who thrives on being creative and dogs. They have been openly agender within their social circle since university and more recently have gained the confidence to make bigger moves to living as themselves full time. They love to mix things up with their fashion from time to time and have recently started exploring cuts, colors and shapes and how they affect one’s appearance more in-depth. (They are currently trying to find a cheat code to give the illusion of height.) They like to dabble in things both feminine and masculine but take more comfort in the masculine. They are working to find their own unique blend of the two that lets them truly thrive.

In their free time they love to make clothes, costumes and accessories for both them and their dog. They have made things both big and small, simple and slightly complex. They also love to read, draw and spend time outside playing and training their dog. They may sometimes come off as mysterious or aloof unintentionally but once you spend some time around them you will come to realize they are just a fun, laugh loving goof ball that is just sometimes a smidge awkward. When you come in expect to be welcomed warmly, asked your pronouns and names and have a good time.

Delilah Turner-Nix, MSW


Case Manager

Delilah (pronouns she/her/hers), a New Jersey native, moved to Charlotte eight years ago to pursue her Bachelor’s in Social Work degree at Winthrop. She later earned a Master’s degree in Social Work, with a specialization in non-profit innovation, from the University of Southern California. She has several years experience working with a variety of families and adults to provide comprehensive resources and assessments. Her passion, though, has always been within the LGBTQ+ community, dating back to high school. She recognized the lack of resources and safe space from a young age. Delilah is vegan, proudly out as lesbian, and a turtle/dog mom. She is passionate about finding creative ways to solve old problems. Delilah provides a strengths-based, person-centered practice to help clients choose their own path and then works to connect them to the resources needed to meet goals.

Laura Conner-Hughes, MSW, LCSWA


Technical Specialist, Counselor

Laura Conner-Hughes (pronouns they/she) is a proud queer social worker working to provide trauma informed holistic mental health support, primarily with LGTBQ+ folks. An alumnus of UNC-Charlotte, Laura received their MSW in May 2018 and LCSW-A in February 2020. Laura is passionate about advocacy and education, authenticity, and providing support to transgender and gender expansive folks and their loved ones. Laura has been working with Transcend Charlotte since 2017, starting off as an MSW intern, and has worn several hats in the organization since they joined the team. Laura enjoys spending time with their friends and family, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading Stephen King novels, and playing the ukulele.

Bethany Corrigan, MPH


Executive Director

Bethany (pronouns she/her) is a gender equity, diversity and inclusion specialist with over 13 years of experience in social justice and human rights in over 50 countries worldwide. She has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Georgia and a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University. In 2016 Bethany directed a program that was cited in the World Health Organization HIV/AIDS Guidelines, and was a contributing author to the 2016 Zambian National Adolescent HIV/AIDS Guidelines. In this national publication, she successful included a section on the specific risks and health needs of transgender youth. Bethany joined Transcend Charlotte as a Member of the Board of Directors. In July, 2020 she transitioned from a voting Board Member to the role of Executive Director. In her free time, Bethany is a beekeeper and motorcycle enthusiast.

Board of Directors

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