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Cassandra Jones


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Elder Cassandra Jones (pronouns she/her) first heard of Transcend Charlotte by way of the TransCloset program, where she began volunteering her time. She is a woman of transgender experience and has 19+ years of board experience, working with organizations that provide services to the LGBTQIA, community and is proud to be a part of Transcend Charlotte. She also has 18+ years of experience working in healthcare as a Prevention Specialist, Case Manager, Counselor, Lay Responder, and Health Instruction Trainer. She holds college degrees in Management Information Systems and Clinical Psychology. She was honored and blessed to be happily married for 20 years to her soulmate, a wonderful man who loved and respected her as her authentic self. They raised five children to see beyond the labels of the physical body and to honor and love individuals for who they are. As of March 2016, she is a widow. She is currently serving as Pastor of the City Church of Charlotte NC. Her motto is Be mindful of what you ask of or demand from someone else. Because they can turn around and ask or demand the same from you!

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