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Natalia Croomhill


Interim Secretary
Natalia Croomhill (pronouns she/her) is a member of the transgender community and the parent of a young trans man. She transitioned in the late 1990s, a time period when the doctors that treat trans people advised “going stealth” after transition, essentially hiding the fact of being transgender from one’s friends and community. After many years of living stealth and internalizing the shame that comes with hiding who you are and where you come from, her own child came out to her as transgender. While helping her son with his transition, she decided the re-join the LGBTQ community and started volunteering with the Time Out Youth organization through the Wells Fargo Volunteers program. She worked with the youth at TOY for a few years, helping chaperone and facilitate the nightly group discussions, several nights each month. Natalia heard about the Transcend Charlotte organization as Trey and Che were getting the ball rolling, and decided that she wanted to focus her efforts on serving the needs of the Charlotte transgender community. She has since joined the board of directors and is eager to find ways she can contribute her experience and expertise to transgender people and their families.

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